The Ultimate Guide of the Best Gifts for Bloggers (They’ll Think You Read Their Mind)

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Did you know that around 409 million people look at over 20 billion blog pages each month? And that each month WordPress users alone publish approximately 70 million blog posts each month?

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Or maybe you landed on this post because you’re a blogger browsing for birthday or Christmas gift ideas that friends and family can give you.

Since Christmas will be here before you know it, I’m about to take the guesswork out of finding the best Christmas gifts for bloggers. So, whether you’re a planner or a crazed last-minute shopper, here’s a giant list of the best gifts for bloggers on Christmas.

At a Glance: The Best Gifts for Bloggers on this List

1. Books on How to Run a Business

Many new bloggers don’t realize that starting a blog means that they’re starting an online business. So, whether your blogger is brand new or experienced, books on entrepreneurship are the perfect gift to help them up their blogging game. Here are some of my favorites.

The 4-Hour Work Week

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

This book has mixed reviews on Amazon because of the topic it covers. One of the most important strategies it discusses is outsourcing to get more time back in your day.

So, why is that controversial? Because it talks about outsourcing to other countries like the Philippines. The biggest reason is that you can hire someone there for half the cost of someone in America or Europe.

Many people argue that it’s not fair to pay someone $5.00 an hour. The truth is that paying a VA who lives in the Philippines $800 a month is not cruel and unfair. It’s 40,000 PHP a month and that goes pretty far there because the cost of living is so low, so keep that in mind when reading this book.

Outsourcing is just one part of The 4-Hour Workweek. Tim has many more awesome tips to get you out of your business and back into your life which is why it makes this list of blogging gifts.

How to Blog for Profit

How to Blog for Profit by Ruth Soukup

Ruth Soukup was one of the first bloggers I started following, and I’m glad I found her when I did because I start my blog off right. This is the 3rd Edition of How to Blog for Profit, as Ruth just updated in 2020.

If you need someone to show you step by step how to build a profitable blog, but you can’t afford the hefty price of Elite Blog Academy, this book is perfect for you. Ruth provides actionable tips that are easy to implement, and she shares how she grew her 7-figure media empire.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to create compelling and engaging content to attract your true fans
  • How to grow your audience quicker
  • Traffic strategies
  • Ways to monetize your blog
  • How to improve your productivity

How to Blog for Profit is the perfect book to help your blogger friend build a money-making blog.

6-Figure Bloggers

The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers by Sally Miller

Sally did an excellent job with this book, and I suggest you keep a notepad close to take notes. Whether your favorite blogger is an experienced blogger or newbie, The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers helps you gain traction when you’re spinning your wheels.

If your dreams of making money on your blog seem out of reach, these tips will help you amplify your reach and help you meet your goals of having a successful blogging business.

If you have a blogger in your life that’s struggling to reach those lofty goals, Miller’s book will break down those walls preventing them from achieving success.

Here are some things you can learn:

  • Common traits of successful content creators
  • How to choose a social media niche that keeps work exciting and profitable
  • Blog monetization strategies
  • Tips on thinking bigger, so you reach for bigger goals
  • Methods to keep you on traffic even on bad days and more

The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggersbook makes an excellent Christmas gift for bloggers.

2. A Professional WordPress Theme: StudioPress or Elegant Themes (Divi)

Many bloggers try not to invest a ton of money when they start, and with so many free themes available, you can essentially start a blog with little money. However, a professional theme can take your blogger to the next level.

Two excellent places to get themes are StudioPress and Elegant Themes.

Elegant Themes is home to the infamous Divi. I use Divi on this blog. It’s the most widely used premium WordPress theme in the world, according to Divi is also the most popular in the top 10K and the top 1 million sites in WordPress as well.

Divi is a drag and drop builder that allows you to create a beautiful, professional website without touch a line of code. Trust me; this is a big deal if you’re bad with tech and code like I am.

StudioPress, on the other hand, sells themes based on the infamous Genesis Framework. My writing business website uses it. I highly recommend it because this framework helps you build fantastic websites quickly.

What I like about this framework is that it provides an excellent SEO foundation. It’s Gutenberg ready (which is a good thing if you’re the person shopping for your special blogger).


3. A Living Well Planner-Living Well Spending Less

I already gushed about being a fan of Ruth Soukup. Well, this is the planner she developed, and I love it. What’s nice is it’s flexible. It doesn’t come pre-labeled, so you can start in May, December, or whatever month you buy it.

The calendar lets you start your week on Sunday or Monday, whichever you prefer. And the cool stickers it comes with make planning fun. It also helps you plan out your main goals for the year and enables you to reduce them down to achievable steps.

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Little Miss Blogger

4. Little Miss Blogger Mug

Does anyone remember the Little Miss and Mr. Men from the 1980s? I guess that was telling my age, huh? They are characters from a children’s series of books with unique characters. It’s a great gift for 80s book and fairytale fans or for the blogger who just wants a really cute mug to drink the coffee that fuels her (or him).

CoolBELL Laptop Briefcase

5. CoolBELL Laptop Briefcase Bag

Bloggers on the go have to carry a ton of equipment with them.  CoolBELL bags are a little trendier than a plain old laptop case. Of course, this is coming from the same girl who likes the Little Miss Blogger mug, so you can take that how you want to.

The special blogger in your life will love having a laptop case that has pockets for essential gadgets like webcams, charging cord, journals, notebooks, a mouse, mics, USB drives, and more.

Budget friendly camera for travel bloggers

6.    Budget-Friendly Camera for Travel Bloggers

If you’re looking for gifts for a travel blogger who loves to take pictures for his or her blog, then a durable, affordable camera makes the perfect gift. The Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR camera comes with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC technology.

You can use the EOS Utility Webcam Beta Software to turn your Canon camera into a webcam when you’re on the go. Just make sure you check compatibility. Canon cameras are well-known and reliable cameras that people have used for decades.


7.    Pinterest Popular Comprehensive Pinterest Strategy Course by Nadalie Bardo

Blogging courses are incredible gifts for bloggers and just about any blogger can take advantage of Pinterest to drive traffic back to their website. When I started using Pinterest, I was clueless as to how to use Pinterest for my business. Thankfully, I found Nadalie Bardo’s Pinterest Popular. Nadalie is the woman behind It’s All You Boo, and she’s a Pinterest wiz.

Pinterest Popular is a comprehensive post for every level of experience. Nadalie helps you build a solid Pinterest foundation and teaches you how to pin the right way, so Pinterest won’t suspend your account. I would never have been able to keep up with all my pinning without her amazing, all-encompassing spreadsheet. Trust me; this is one class your blogger will love, and guess what?

Pinterest Popular is on sale for 50% off until December 2, 2020. No lie! This deal won’t last forever, so snag it before it’s gone. Use the promo code BLACKFRIDAY.

pinfinite traffic bootcamp

8.    Pinfinite Traffic Bootcamp by Jen Towkaniuk

My friend Jen over at Digital She E O is another Pinterest expert and her course PinfiniteTraffic Bootcamp bloggers who aren’t not seeing the results they want on Pinterest. Experienced and inexperienced Pinterest users can benefit from this course as Jen helps you navigate the everchanging Pinterest platform and helps you recover from algorithm changes and plunging views and clicks.

If you’ve heard the blogger, you love talk about being frustrated over the Pinterest changes; this course is the perfect Christmas gift for a blogger who wants to take it to the next level. Pinfinite Traffic Bootcamp may already be on your blogger’s gift list.

9.   Pixistock Social Media Content Calendar Bundle

There are so many things that bloggers have to keep up with, like writing blog posts, sending emails to their list, affiliate marketing, and posting on a bazillion social media platforms. It can be frustrating and overwhelming.

Alicia over at Pixistock was a genius when she came up with a bundle of over 365 Days of social media content ready to post immediately. Your blogger can plan his or her whole year of social media content using this calendar.

It comes with a hashtag list, caption starters, ideas for inspirational quotes, the social media calendar, and 100 Canva engagement template graphics. The Social Media Content Calendar Bundle definitely solves a problem many bloggers have-finding the time to post content on social media.

At a Glance Calendar

10. At-A-Glance Monthly Wall Calendar

This 15” x 12” monthly wall calendar is perfect for bloggers to see a month or year at a glance. Use it to list product launches, special holidays, due dates for blog posts, and more. Its large bold lettering is easy to see from a distance and made from high-quality paper with ink bleed resistance.

You can’t go wrong with a handy wall calendarthat makes it easy for your blogger to schedule things out in advance.

Hello Fresh meal kits
Photo courtesy of Hello Fresh

11. Hello Fresh Meal Kits

If your significant other is a blogger, then this present is for you too! Most of us bloggers juggle a busy family and career as our blog is our side hustle. Whether your blogger is a full or part-time blogger, there’s always something to do like run the kids to baseball practice, the debate club, PTA night, and doctor’s appointments, just to name a few.

Why not make supper easy with Hello Fresh meal kits, so the whole family has a tasty dinner that’s quick and easy to fix. I love their meal kits as they are the most affordable high-quality kits of all the ones’ I’ve tried. Your whole family will love them and heck maybe you can even cook to help out!

project management

12. A Project Management App-Evernote

All bloggers are writers, and I just happen to be both a freelance writer AND a blogger. If you’re following me, you probably are too. So, there’s not only your own blog tasks to keep track of but writing projects for your clients as well.

A project manager is the perfect place to keep everything, so it’s easy to find all in one place. I even have most of my personal life in there as well.

Evernote works like a traditional filing system where the app itself is the filing cabinet, notebooks act like file folders, and notes are the papers in the file folders. Many people download it and never use it, but it’s totally worth looking into. You can easily find everything you need in 5 seconds. No lie!

30 oz travel mug

13.  30-oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug

This stainless-steel travel mug is perfect for the blogger on the go like a travel blogger. It comes in a variety of cool colors and comes with a handle, two lids, a straw, and a cleaning brush at a price that won’t break the bank.

Whether you’re running an errand around town or on a road trip, this handy travel mug is durable and keeps your favorite beverage piping hot or cold. If you’re buying this for your favorite blogger, you may want to get one for yourself as well.

Laptop Lap Desk gifts for bloggers

14. Home Office-Related Gift Ideas for Bloggers

Bloggers all have an office, whether it’s a separate room in the house or a small area carved out of a bedroom, guest room, or sometimes the dining room table. I know I like working in front of the TV, so a lap desk is perfect for the blogger who wants to relax on the sofa or in bed.

Some other great office necessities your blogger needs are a great mouse. I love this VicTsing Wireless Portable Mouse. It’s the one I use every day and operates smoothly.

Another great office-related gift is Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses. Eyestrain is a real problem for bloggers since they’re looking at a computer screen for hours at a time.

15. Annual Subscription to Tailwind

I imagine the blogger in your life uses Pinterest, and if so, an annual Tailwind subscription is another great Christmas gift for bloggers. If you’re a new blogger, Tailwind is even better because manual pinning can take up a lot of time, and it isn’t easy to keep up with.

Tailwind also helps you pin by Pinterest’s standards, so your account doesn’t get suspended because that is difficult to recover from. It will even tell you if you met the maximum board restrictions and tells you if you’ve already pinned an image in a tribe. Get your blogger a subscription today.

1MORE Piston Fit Wireless Earbuds

16. 1MORE Piston Fit Wireless Earbuds

A good pair of earbuds is a great gift for anyone who uses the computer. Most earbuds below $50 aren’t always the best quality, but these 1MORE Piston Fit Wireless Earbuds even made a New York Times best-of list.

Earbuds are a good gift if you want to listen to a training or a podcast and not bother anyone else in the room. Plus, you can take them on the go, whether you’re working out or going out of town.

Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie

17.  Yankee Candle

I love a good candle, and Yankee candles are my absolute favorite because they burn a long time and smell amazing. Christmas Cookie is my favorite, but there are tons of scents to choose from, like Sparkling Cinnamon, Spiced Pumpkin, or Bahama Breeze. Help your blogger create the perfect ambiance to work in.

18.  Stupid Simple SEO Class-Mike Pearson

This is one of my favorite and most recommended gifts for bloggers. One of the best investments I ever made in my blog was Mike Pearson’s Stupid Simple SEO class. I put off learning SEO for way too long, and it set me back in my blogging journey, so if you’ve heard your blogger talking about SEO, get him or her this present for Christmas.

Trust me; they’ll thank you for it when they apply what they learned in Stupid Simple SEO and get droves of people coming to their blog.

*Note this class only opens a couple of times a year, so at least sign them up for the waitlist, so your favorite blogger will know when it opens back up.

19. KeySearch

And continuing with our SEO theme in this list of the best gifts for bloggers. A good keyword research tool is worth gold to a blogger. There are free tools to look for great keywords you can rank for but the paid version of KeySearch is incredible. Your favorite blogger will love this Christmas gift.

gifts for bloggers-affiliate marketing

20.  Affiliate Marketing, Simplified! Cate Rosales of Becoming a Blogger

Bloggers can never take too many courses; in fact, there’s always something new to learn. Learning affiliate marketing is critical for bloggers who want to monetize their blogs so they can start making money.

Cate Rosales is a successful blogger who knows what she’s talking about, so her Affiliate Marketing, Simplified! course is the perfect course to help any blogger learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Check out these other Becoming a Blogger courses too.

Blog Coaching with Cate Rosales is another one of the best Christmas giftsfor bloggers and vloggers. I’m a part of this private blog coaching group with Cate, and I’ve learned much more than I would on my own. Plus, you get to support and get help from other like-minded bloggers at all different levels.

21.  WordPress Plugins that Make Blogging Easier

Plugins are the 21st century’s work-around to coding. If websites had to be built from scratch using coding, then I wouldn’t have one. Thankfully, there are plenty of plugins that perform all kinds of useful tasks. Like Social Warfare, one of the most popular social sharing plugins.

Another good plugin is Rank Math for SEO. It’s a popular alternative to Yoast, and I actually like it better. It’s essentially a checklist for on-page SEO. ShortPixel is another excellent plugin that compressing your images. Large picture files bog down your website and make it slow. This plugin is free, or you can buy one-time plans or monthly plans.

22.  ConvertKit Subscription

As a blogger, your email list is the one thing you can control and make money from even if your favorite social media platform disappears or an algorithm changes you still have your list. ConvertKit is one of the most popular email service providers and integrates well with the other technology bloggers use.

Portable Battery Charger-Power Bank

23.  Portable Battery Charger/Power Bank

Whether you’re a travel blogger or just trying to get work done in between appointments, this portable battery charger is the perfect gift for a blogger on the go. It’s also helpful if the power goes out, fits in your pocket, and has a 7-day charge capacity. This portable battery charger works with any device that charges with a USB port.

EBMS Bundle_Blog Banner

24.  Exclusive Blogging Myths & Strategy Secrets Revealed by Lucy Reyes

My friend Lucy of Cheers to Life Blogging has the perfect gift for the blogger in your life. She created a unique blogging bundle that will take your blog to the next level. Her course Exclusive Blogging Myths and Secrets Revealed gives you a behind the scenes look at blogging and lets you in on the strategy secrets to build a successful blog and business.

If you’re a blogger looking for help growing your blog, Lucy helps you create a schedule and plan that works with your life and creates the money-making blog of your dreams.

25. Web Hosting-Bluehost or SiteGround

Whether your favorite blogger is brand new and needs web hosting or experienced and wants to make a switch, web hosting is the perfect gift for a blogger. I’ve used Bluehost and SiteGround.

Bluehost is great for people beginner bloggers, and SiteGround is a little faster a better for intermediate bloggers. They both have excellent customer service and are offer Webhosting at a great price.

26. Grammarly Premium

All writers and bloggers need to edit their writing, whether it’s for clients or their own blog. Grammarly is a writing editor that uses Artificial Intelligence to proofread, edit, and make suggestions on how to improve your writing.

I’ve been using the paid version of Grammarly for three years, and I consider it one of the top three investments I make in my blog and writing business. Grammarly also has a free version, but it’s not nearly as robust as the paid version. If you’re on the fence about paying for an app to edit your writing, check out this review of Grammarly Premium I wrote a couple of months ago.

It’s an awesome gift idea for bloggers and writers.

27. How to Make Money on the Side While You Grow Your Blog-How to Be a Ghost Writer and Make Serious Money & Freelance Writing for Beginners

You might be wondering why I added Ghostwriting and Freelance Writing eBooks to this list, besides the fact that they’re mine! They are here for a couple of reasons.

It can take a long time to start making a full-time income from your blog, so many bloggers like to offer services. Freelance writing and blogging are some of the most popular ways to make money as a blogger. There are a lot of useful tips in these books on writing in general as well.

So, if your blogger has mentioned leaving his or her 9-5 or wants to earn a little extra income writing on the side, these books make the perfect gifts. I’m a freelance ghostwriter who specializes in blog articles for bloggers and businesses, so the two go hand in hand. These eBooks are over 100 pages and packed with actional information and tips.

legal bundle for your website

28. Blog Legal Templates– Amira Irfan

Are you blogging legally is a serious question for all bloggers? My friend Amira over at A Self Guru tells the story that one of her father’s employees (and friends) sued him and won. It devastated her family, so she decided to be an attorney and help business owners protect themselves and their businesses.

Amira has a great collection of legal templates in her store for just about every situation, like a contractor template or her non-disclosure template.

But some of her most popular templates are in a legal template bundle. I literally wasted months because I didn’t know what to do with the GDRP laws when they came out or how to protect my blog.

That’s where Amira comes in. You get professional templates designed by an attorney for a fraction of the cost you would spend hiring a lawyer. Check them out today; it’s another practical blogging gift that special blogger will love.

That’s it for this list of helpful and fun Christmas gifts for bloggers. There’s something on this list for new bloggers or experienced bloggers as well as practical gifts and some fun things. They’ll be stoked to get an incredible blog-related gift and the fact that you put some thought into it. In other words, this gift guide will score you brownie points because it will help you you’ll buy the perfect gift.

But besides the nice things on this list, the best gift you give that special blogger in your life is your support and love. Now those gifts are priceless.

What’s your favorite gift on this list?

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