5 of the Most Inspiring Podcasts for Bloggers

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Looking for inspirational podcasts for bloggers to get your creative juices flow and banish self-doubt?

You’re in the right place, my friend.

Podcasts have quickly become a favorite form of entertainment as well as a way to gain skills and increase your knowledge. People prefer them because they can listen to podcasts at the gym, on the way to work, or a few minutes while you straighten the house when the kids are down for a nap—any spare time that busy women have.

So, let’s jump into the most influential podcasts for bloggers.

1.      Ruth Soukup-Do It Scared

I must admit, I love Ruth Soukup. She’s one of the first people I started following, and then I joined Elite Blog Academy and her Doing It Scared Facebook group.

Ruth teaches people how “doing it scared’ is often the key to reaching your goals. She’s all about dreaming big and planning it out to reach those lofty goals. When you break the big goal down into smaller steps, it’s much easier to achieve.

The only way you really succeed is if you push yourself to do those things that scare you. In fact, if it doesn’t scare you and you don’t feel that knot in the pit of your stomach, you’re not dreaming big enough. Once we do those things that scare us, we reap amazing benefits and life gets better if you put in the work.

On the Do It Scared podcast, Ruth interviews successful entrepreneurs, professionals, bloggers, and many more people who have tips to share, such as episode number 87 with Daniel Coyle. He shares the key tips for building successful teams. She’ll interview people who have failed and how they bounced back as well as other people who found the courage to Do It Scared.

Check out Ruth’s podcast to build your confidence, learn business tips, and how doing it scared may help you!

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2.      Darren Rowse-The ProBlogger Podcast

If you don’t know about ProBlogger, then you’re in for a treat. The ProBlogger website is a wealth of information, and they have a great job board. Darren Rowse is the prominent face behind ProBlogger, and the podcast provides tips to help you make money and build a better blog.

Darren helps bloggers through active challenges, teaching, and case studies. He knows that blogging can be difficult at times, and there’s no magic formula other than hard work to be a successful blogger. Some of the things that Darren teaches include:

  • Getting traffic to your blog
  • Creating content that your readers will love
  • Increasing reader engagement
  • How to make money from a variety of different income sources

He started blogging in 2002, so he has plenty of experience under his belt to guide you through your blogging journey. Darren has made a full-time living from his two blogs, ProBlogger.com and Digital-Photography-School.com for over ten years now. These blogs have over 5 million readers each month. Darren knows his stuff so head on over to the podcast to kick your blog up a notch.

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3.      Tim Ferriss-The Tim Ferriss Show

If you’re like me, I sometimes found myself on people’s email list when I started my online blogging journey a couple of years ago, and I had no clue just how famous or popular they were. Time Ferriss was one of those people. Then I heard about his popular book, the 4-Hour Workweek and knew I was in the presence of greatness.

Tim is a best-selling author and self-experimenter, whom Newsweek called “the world’s best human guinea pig.” The Tim Ferriss Show is frequently the #1 business podcast of all Apple Podcasts and it often ranks #1 out of 500,000+ podcasts.

Ferriss deconstructs some of the best performers in the world from diverse areas such as sports, art, investing, etc. to find routines, tools, and tactics you can use in your own blog or business. This information includes exercise habits, morning routines, time management hacks, favorite books, and more.

Check out his podcast if you want to grow in blogging, personal development, and business. He’s had guests like:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Jamie Fox
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Vince Vaughn
  • Tony Robbins
  • Edward Norton

And many more. Ferriss’s guests love the long-form, friendly format and these interviews are raw and open. You’ll learn some unique things from his podcast.

4.      Pat Flynn-Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income is the podcast to listen to if you want to learn uber-successful Pat Flynn’s secrets, strategies, income sources, and marketing tips he used on his own online business and blog. He must know what he’s doing because he earns a full-time income to support his family. His tips and tricks can help you take your blog to the next level.

Pat teaches other bloggers how to generate passive income online, and it seems he’s read about Tim Ferriss’s 4-hour workweek because Pat’s all about making a six-figure salary by working only a few hours a week. You’ll learn everything that works and doesn’t work to help you grow your blog and business.

Learn about:

  • Automation
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Outsourcing
  • Online courses
  • Crowdsourcing
  • eBooks
  • SEO
  • Podcasting
  • Building trust and authority
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

The best thing about this podcast is that it’s for advanced and beginning bloggers and business owners alike. Pat Flynn’s podcast takes you behind the scenes of many successful business owners such as Ramit Sethi, Tim Ferriss, Chalene Johnson, Amy Porterfield, Michael Hyatt, Gary Vaynerchuk, and more.

5.      Ed Gandia-High-Income Business Writing

Ed Gandia is a well-known coach and copywriter who’s a systems man. His podcast is about strategies and processes to help you drive your business to the next level. Ed’s applied many of the same tips and strategies to his own business. This no-nonsense podcast helps you grow as a writer and get better clients as well as earning more in less time. Gandia also wants you to love your writing business and bring more joy to it.

If your main income depends on skilled writing, then this is the podcast for you. It’s perfect for freelance writers, copywriters, and bloggers who love doing what they do for better clients.

Ed says that if you’re a good writer, you can achieve success if you have grit and use proven processes, habits, and strategies consistently. Around 14,000 copywriters and writers listen to his podcast every month and consider it a top resource for building their writing business, getting better at writing, and increase your income. With such excellent advice, you can’t afford to miss this podcast.

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The Best Podcasts for Bloggers and Writers

These five podcasts are excellent free resources on how to build your blog and writing business. The entrepreneurs that created them have all been in your shoes. They started somewhere, and now they are passing amazing tips and tricks on how you can be just as successful with a little hard work, consistency, and determination.  

So, choose a podcast from this list and learn how to improve your skills, and get inspired to build the blogging business of your dreams.

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